Adam Burton Photography

  • Orkney Islands
  • 06th - 10th October, 2022

  • £1295pp - Deposit of £315.00pp

    • 4 days Photographic Tuition (7th - 10th October)

    • 4 nights accommodation (6th, 7th, 8th & 9th October)

    • Cooked Breakfast

    • Transport between locations during workshop

    • Use of Kase Filters

    • Meals unless specified

    • Photographic & travel Insurance

    • Transport to/from workshop

  • Moderate

  • 4 Days / 4 Nights

  • 4

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Orkney Islands

Fully Booked

In October 2022, Adam will be running a Discovery Tour on the incredible Orkney Islands located off the far north of Scotland’s mainland. 

A landscape steeped in ancient history, with sites dating back to the Neolithic, the islands have a special atmosphere all of their own.  Wherever you visit, you can almost feel the presence of the islands ancient ancestors through spectacular historical sites, some Neolithic, some Iron Age and even Viking.  We will breath this history by visiting world renowned locations such as the awe inspiring Skara Brae, the Ring of Brodgar and the Broch of Gurness.

As well as its atmospheric historical sites, Orkney is equally famous for its dramatic coastline.  We will spend much of our time shooting the wild west coast of Mainland Orkney, where steep cliffs give way to spectacular towering sea stacks.  The distinctive sandstone layered coastline provides for not only amazing cliffs and sea stacks, but also jagged low level ledges.  Throw in some wild Orcadian weather and we have all the ingredients for some dramatic seascape photography!

To make the most of our time on Orkney we will be concentrating on shooting Orkney’s Mainland island with some time also spent on South Ronaldsay, easily connected to the Mainland via the Churchill Barriers.  This keeps our travel time to a minimum, ensuring we can maximize photography at each location, and easily adjust our plans in the event of challenging weather.

This tour has been designed around the ferry timetable from Scrabster on the Scottish mainland to Stromness on Orkney’s Mainland. In order to give participants suitable time to reach Orkney on the evening ferry, and to enable us to start with a sunrise shoot the following morning, accommodation has been booked for the night before the workshop begins.  From that point we will spend the next four days photographing Orkney from sunrise to sunset, finishing mid afternoon on the final day, ready to catch the 16:45 ferry back to Scrabster.

With a maximum group number of only four participants, our chosen locations will be uncrowded ensuring everybody has access to shoot that special viewpoint.  Adam will encourage you to fully explore each location to find your own viewpoints and compositions, while helping you capture beautiful landscape photographs.

Our tours are aimed at everybody, from beginners looking for advice and encouragement through to experienced photographers wishing only to be guided to locations.  With such a small group, you can be assured of Adam’s attention, support and feedback throughout each location we visit.

Please note: This tour requires a moderate level of fitness.  Although most locations can be accessed via short walks, several locations require walks of up to 30 minutes.

Ferry Information

Should you decide to travel by ferry, the recommended route is Scrabster to Stromness.  It is recommended that you book the following sailings:

-      19:00 sailing from Scrabster to Stromness on the 6th October 2022.

-      16:45 sailing from Stromness to Scrabster on the 10th October 2022.

If you book these sailings, and board as a foot passenger* Adam can collect/drop you off at Stromness ferry port on each day.  If you choose to arrive via another ferry port, or air, or on another day Adam will meet you at the hotel.

* There is a long stay car park at Scrabster ferry port on the mainland.


During this workshop we will be staying at the Standing Stones Hotel, three miles from the ferry port at Stromness.  Set in a stunning location overlooking the Loch of Stenness, the Standing Stones Hotel is a perfect base for our tour, with most locations accessible via an easy 10-20 minute drive over good roads. 

Each guest will enjoy single occupancy of a double en-suite bedroom complete with king sized bed.  For more information please visit the hotel website.

What to Bring

To enable you to get the most out of the workshop please bring the following camera gear:

  • DSLR, lenses and memory cards
  • Spare batteries (charged up!)
  • Tripod
  • Filters (a set of Kase filters will be available for you to use throughout the workshop should you require them)