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Kase Filters Pro Partner

2nd September, 2020

I'm pleased to announce that I've teamed up with Kase Filters to become an Official Pro Partner.  

This hasn't been an easy switch to make; for over fifteen years I have been a happy one brand filter kind of photographer.  But last year, while running a workshop on the North Devon coast, my attentions were quite suddenly focused in the direction of Kase Filters.  One of the workshop participants, who had recently purchased a set of Kase Wolverine filters, was setting up on the rocky ledges of Hartland Quay when disaster struck!  Or so I thought.  While attempting to insert his glass graduated filter into the holder, the filter slipped out of his hand and fell directly on to the rocks below, a drop of around five feet.

With previous experience of how glass filters react to impact with rocks, I bent to recover the expected shards only to find the filter quite intact.  I was totally surprised, and scanned the surface for scratches, to find no marks whatsover.  After a quick wipe down, the filter was ready for action, in perfect condition.  I had heard how the Wolverine series filters were toughened glass yet was completely unprepared for the fact that they are indeed toughened glass!

The next day, during a coastal shoot in some particularly challenging November weather with ever present sea spray, I was again taken aback by how the Kase photographer was easily coping with the spray while the rest of the group were struggling with increasingly smeared filters.

From that point onwards, my head was turned.  These filters could genuinely make a difference, especially when shooting in challenging conditions.  Earlier this year I tried out a set for myself, and despite the best efforts of lock down spoiling my fun, I felt extremely encouraged to make a change of filters.  Now, I am the proud owner of a set of Kase Wolverine filters, and an Official Pro Partner for Kase.

I will be carrying a set of Kase filters on all future workshops, giving participants the opportunity to see and test out the equipment first hand, as well as providing a discounted rate for workshop participants looking to purchase their own sets.  For anybody looking to purchase any Kase gear, you can do so directly through this Kase Filters link.


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